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An unforgettable adventure along the famous Silver Coast!

Prepare yourself for a memorable adventure, this route that we have carefully designed for you, cycling through stunning landscapes, between the blue of the ocean and the green of nature.

Explore charming villages, delve into history and culture, enjoy the cool sea breeze with this e-bike tour that connects Nazaré to Óbidos.

Pedal effortlessly with the help of the electric bike and enjoy every moment of your trip!


The charms along the way:

São Martinho do Porto, a very charming and peaceful shell-shaped bay.

Lagoa de Óbidos, a true natural paradise.

Óbidos, let yourself travel back in time through the beauty of this medieval town, explore the castle, its walls and delight in the local delicacies.

Along the route:

Breathtaking landscapes, imposing cliffs, flowery and green fields with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Experience the local culture, visit traditional villages, taste the region's delicious cuisine and experience the hospitality of the Portuguese people.

Live unforgettable moments, cycle at your own pace, enjoy nature and capture incredible photos to remember forever!

At the end, enjoy a relaxing and comfortable return by private transfer.


This e-bike tour is good for:

  • Groups of friends

  • Nature and outdoor activity lovers



  • E-bike 

  • Helmet

  • Insurance

  • Double saddlebags on urban e-bikes and handlebar bag on mountain e-bikes.

  • Private transfer from Óbidos to Nazaré


Time and distance:

  • This tour starts at 10am, lasts 8 hours and has a distance of around 42km (one way).

Waytypes: Asphalted roads e gravel roads.

Starting point: Nazaré, E-Motion Nazaré (Praça Sousa Oliveira)

Arrival point: Óbidos

Pickup point in Óbidos: Óbidos tourist office

Type of tour: Self-guided - one way; private transfer - return.


  • Bring enough water and food for the trip.

  • Use sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

  • Bring light and comfortable clothing.

  • Respect the environment and don't leave trash on the way.

  • Follow traffic rules and be careful.

Price per person:

60€ adult

50€ teenagers - up to 16 years old

Don't miss this unique opportunity to explore the Silver Coast in a different and unforgettable way!

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